This photo is also to show Color
This is to show Use of Space

This Photo is to show Form, Function, Message

This photo is to show Color

A Photo to show an example of Unity/Variety

The first photo of my designblitz is the photo of my boyfriends fan in his room. A bit weird yes I know but I felt like the photo showed a good example of color because of the different colors to show the pattern as well as each part of the fan looks a bit different than the next.

The second photo of my designblitz is actually the ceiling Red Robin. I felt like this is a very good example of use of space because it is a single column above tables towards the back of the restaurant so I was not able to get the entire thing. However, it shows good use of space because of the amount of pictures that are in the ceiling as well as the different shapes and sizes.

The third photo of my designblitz was also taken at Red Robin I thought it was a good example of Form, Function, and Message. I feel this way because the message is trying to show how good their food is as well as it’s what you hear on their commercials. I also think they used a good variety of color and signs to display the word yummm.

The fourth photo of my designblitz is another example to show color. This was taken at Sherwin Williams in Fredericksburg. My favorite color is Mint, and Blue’s so that’s why I chose these specific colors however, of course there are many others.

The last photo of my designblitz is a example of Unity. I thought this would be one of the hardest until I begin reading about unity and saw that variety was one of the examples. I wanted to go to the beach and get photos of the different kinds of sea shells but I didn’t have time for that, so I choose to get different colors and sizes of pebbles.

1 thought on “DesignBlitz

  1. These photos are really neat! Especially the one of the ceiling fan; I have never seen a ceiling fan with a design that unique. I think my favorite though is the one you took to show the use of space. At first glance, it looks like a collage, and I thought it was a great photo to emphasize how spacing can change how pleasing to the eye something is. The photographs on the wall are also all interesting to look at by themselves, but similar enough in color that they fit together.

    Great job!

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