Channing Tatum

For my 2nd gif assignment I decided to try out the A GIF in time assignment. At first I thought it was going to be hard because I really do not watch movies. I was trying to think of movies people would know just off the back by the character I chose to put in the GIF. Then it came to me Channing Tatum!!! He’s every girls dream right?! Well maybe not to some but He was a very good actor in Dear John which is the photo you see in the beginning of the GIF and then the 2nd photo you see in the GIF is from Magic Mike XXL. I mean how can you not love that movie right? Anyway he was a good actor in that movie as well so that is why I chose him for this assignment.

In order to create this GIF I used google images to find the photos of Channing Tatum from Dear John as well as Magic Mike XXL. I then used GIMP and followed the tutorial from the Summer Week 2 post in order to create the GIF.

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