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Reflection on Vignelli Canon

When reading the booklet about Design by Vignelli Canon I found myself relating to some of the things he said. The first thing I related to was Semantics being an important part of design. I felt I could relate to this because when my friends and I would decide to have photo-shoots for fun, we always researched the local parks or local areas that had very good scenery at the time. In the Winter we decided to go to Aquia Landing and Government Island because the water was in the background and having the snow around us would set a good scene for the photos. Though he talks about researching before he begins a design I think the idea of researching is one of the key elements here.

I thought it was interesting that the definition of Design was ” Design discipline is above and beyond any style. All style requires discipline in order to be expressed. Very often people think that Design is a particular style. Nothing could be more wrong! Design is a discipline, a creative process with its own rules, controlling the consistency of its output toward its objective in the most direct and expressive way,” I like that he says deign has it’s own rules because it gives you freedom to create what you want and how you see something. It gives you creative freedom.

One of the main things that I love about design is that it is always changing however, I like that old features come back around as time goes on. I enjoyed reading the booklet and learning the basics about design and the hardware parts of design such as the size of the paper, grids, scale and texture. I felt like this was a great read overall.

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