Drive In Movie

For My second assignment I choose to do the one we are required to do which is the Create Your Story. In order to make this clip I used freesound.com. This assignment wasn’t hard but it took a couple times to create and I’m still not completely sure if I did it right. My assignment is supposed to be a car driving then parking then begin watching a drive in movie.

In order to create this assignment I searched the three sounds I was looking for which was a car driving, a car parking, and a movie begin to play. I wanted to find a movie like shutter to make it seem old but I couldn’t find one. Once I found each sound I clicked download. After that I went to Audacity and imported the tracks by going to file, import, download my files and then hitting the play button to see how it sounded. After that I exported my project and saved it then went to soundcloud and uploaded the track using the upload button.

Drive In Movie

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