Weekly Summaries

Weekly Summary #1

The first week of class started off very scary for me, when I read the email and looked at the first week and immediately began freaking out. I found that looking at the what is expected tab really help’d me out because it gave a break down of what you should do each day. By doing that and staying on track each day I found it easier to handle the work load. I know that every week will be different however because I know what to expect from hear on out I know the true amount of time I have to put aside to get things done. One thing that drove me crazy and still is; is that I can’t figure out how to add posts to different pages. I think I set that up wrong because I thought categories meant pages.

Setting up my Domain and Social media was fairly easy once I was able to think of usernames for my social media, as well think of a domain name that didn’t seem to cheesy.

A link to a multimodel introduction blog post: http://kbblogger.com/uncategorized/welcome-to-my-twitter-page/

Customizing my blog was a little harder than I thought, I switch between themes a couple times and I even deleted everything I had posted and started over completely. I finally found a theme I liked which was the Cosimo theme. I am still trying to figure out some things like how to add the jetpack into you page so that my blog will show all the tweets I’ve posted as well as add my flickr widget to my page so that if you’re on my blog you can see the photos I have posted on my flickr account. I enjoy the Cosimo thing the most because it reminds me a lot of tumlr I like how everything is boxed and in columns to look sort of like a typical blog. I like that it also looks very clean and modern.

A link to a reflection about the materials that I viewed and listened to: http://kbblogger.com/uncategorized/reflection-of-photography/

A link to my Photo Safari, photo refection, and my reflection on the photo safari are all included in this blog post, I didn’t realize they were supposed to be separate posts : http://kbblogger.com/uncategorized/create-a-photo-safari/

A link to Three Daily Creates: This blog page shows the three daily creates I did : http://kbblogger.com/daily-create/

Links to 4 different visual assignment blog posts: I had to do 5 in order to get 10 stars:
1. http://kbblogger.com/uncategorized/so-you-think-you-know-me/
2. http://kbblogger.com/uncategorized/oh-dixie/
3. http://kbblogger.com/uncategorized/do-you-ever-listen-to-me/
4. http://kbblogger.com/uncategorized/a-tour-of-the-castle/
5. http://kbblogger.com/uncategorized/river-otters/

I thought visual storytelling was very fun and a great learning experience. I enjoyed giving my photography a chance to tell a story and learning how to make it tell a story. Photography is an everyday thing now a days because people in my generation snap photos all of the time to remember special things or just to be silly. Each photo has a story behind it, where you could look at it a year from now you instantly are able to tell what was happening in that photo and you are able to enjoy those moments with the ones around you or are able to pass the memories down so that the stories can continued to be shared. I look forward to telling a visual story with my photography in the future.

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