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Weekly Summary #2

This week was a lot better than last week when it comes to stress levels. This week I found myself planning everything that I needed to get done so that I would not stress like I did last week. I looked at the week 2 post sort of like a check list. I began at the top and worked my way down. I try to have everything done by Thursday at the latest so that I have the weekend to relax.

I feel like I have improved on my assignments this week because I know last week I forgot to illustrate how I did each assignment and this week I tried harder to make sure that was included. Another improvement from last week is that I figured out finally how to add categories to posts. I deleted the multiple pages that I had on my blog and now I just have the home page and the about page.

This week one of the things that gave me trouble was learning Photoshop again. I had Photoshop before however, I canceled my subscription because $20 was just to expensive every month. I signed up for the 1 month free subscription so that I could do my assignments but I had to re learn everything. I ended up having to google how to turn the background of a photo transparent. I figured out that to do so you have to use the magic wand tool.

I think what I would do differently maybe add more to my stories because that was the suggestion after reading the grade from week one. I think I will try that for week three. I’m still having trouble getting my flickr account on my blog because I can’t find where the RSS feed. I am also having trouble with my GIF assignments I completed them however I can not figure out how to make them slower because they are way to fast.

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